Bicycology Massive

There were no less than five Bicycologists present on June Critical Mass in London, as well as the Bicycology soundsystem, Son of Pedals, which had been repaired just in time for the event. G8 Bike Ride veteran DJ Eon took the back seat of the tandem and played some nice tunes as the Mass made its way down to Brixton for a gathering to pay tribute to a fallen comrade, Marie Vesco, who was tragically run down and killed by a car on June 4th whilst on a ride down to Brighton for the SmashEDO Carnival Against the Arms Trade. After a minute’s silence under the tree outside the library where Marie used to give out free food the Mass headed North again, moving relatively quickly until the police tried to enforce the loudspeaker ban in Parliament Square. This resulted in all traffic coming to a halt for a good quarter of an hour before the DJ eventually agreed to proceed without music. Of course he cranked it up again before he was outside “the zone” but the police let it go and the Mass concluded with a bit of a rave outside the gates of Buckingham Palace. Doug was filming and has uploaded his footage to the Internet Archive.


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