Pedals Rides Again

We took the Son of Pedals sound system up to Lancaster for the Routes to Solutions event where it met the original Pedals for the first time.

Pedals meets Son of Pedals

Pedals meets Son of Pedals

Unfortunately Pedals was in a bit of a sorry state so we could not play them together as a stereo pair. After the event we left the newer system in Lancaster and (with considerable difficulty due to the hostile attitude of National Express train staff) got Pedals back down to my garage where it sat for a while, awaiting repair.

The biggest problem was a strange bass feedback that occurred as soon as you tried to turn the volume up. I didn’t really know what was causing it so I opened up the box, rewired everything and checked the settings on the amplifiers. I noticed that the sensitivity on the bass amp had been set to maximum so I tried turning it down a bit (with a matching adjustment on the top amp) and that seemed to solve the problem. The battery was not holding a charge so I got a new 85 amp hour leisure battery and installed a voltmeter from a scrapped car battery booster pack to reduce the chances of it being drained to damagingly low levels.

On Friday I dragged Pedals onto a train down to London, reunited it with the tandem, and took it on London Critical Mass. The Law Lords had recently handed down a unanimous judgement against the Metropolitan Police in the appeal brought by regular CM participant Des Kay. He brought cakes along to celebrate and Pedals added to the party atmosphere. Towards the end of the Mass overenthusiastic use of the volume knob caused the tweeters to blow (again) during a Chuck Berry song but apart from that it performed fine.

I stayed in London on Friday night and in the morning a crew of four Bicycologists took Pedals to Hounslow for a local protest against the proposed third runway at Heathrow.


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