End of the Road for Bicycology?

Anyone who has looked at this blog or the Bicycology website recently will have noticed that nothing has happened since the May 2012 mini-tour from Birmingham to Leicester. With members of Bicycology spread around the country it was always difficult to get together and eventually people just got too involved in their own local campaigns (or life in general) to keep things going. A couple of months ago I shut down the contact email address because about 99% of email arriving was spam.

The Bicycology website is still online and will remain so for now because it hosts some useful resources (our popular illustrated A5 guides). Our two soundsystems are also still in operation – Pedals normally lives in London where it is a familiar sight on protests and I am lead to believe that Son of Pedals is living in Brighton.

I am still very much involved in cycle campaigning but now just in Hertfordshire. I have been working with Welwyn Hatfield Cycling Forum since January 2009 and then in 2011 I helped set up a Hertfordshire cycling campaign called CycleHerts and was recruited as a cycling representative on the Local Access Forum. WHCF is affiliated to ctc and I have helped out with ctc stuff in the area, for example I volunteered to work at the Hertfordshire County Show this summer with their CycleChilterns project. I was also recruited as a Sustrans volunteer at a local event this year. I did explain that I had no free time but that I had already been doing some route maintenance as a “lone wolf” and was happy to continue doing it wearing a Sustrans hi-viz vest. All that leaves little time for paid work but I make ends meet as a self employed gardener. If you want to contact me you can do so through my personal website.

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