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Bicycology mini-Tour 2012 Day 2: ride from Birmingham to Coventry

So, Day 1 was a film and discussion event in the evening in Birmingham. Maybe we’ll post some photos and a longer report about that sometime – but briefly, it went really well, with about 40 people turning up.

Day 2, Friday May 11th. We set off on a sunny but surprisingly chilly morning to cycle from Gung-Ho Housing Co-op to Coventry Peace House. Our convoy consisted of eight people with eight bikes, two trailers and about twenty panniers. The first part of our route was along a planned route through mostly back streets. We navigated by voice guidance on a GPS-enabled phone, which worked quite well. Discussion of how to get onto the Grand Union Canal stopped when we realised we were standing a few meters away from a canal bridge. We had lunch and very relaxed ride along the canal shared with ducks and a canal boat. Picturesque constructions allowed canal-side dwellers to picnic by the water at the bottom of the garden. A few showers of rain and a muddy surface made one bicycologist’s beautiful new metal mudguards clog considerably – creating resistance to wheel-rotation and much frustration. Soon after we left the canal the GPS navigation system broke down, but by then we were able to navigate into Coventry by local knowledge and a wide cyclepath. We magically bumped into the most local bicycologist in town, just in time for them to lead us to the Peace House. See some photo highlights below – more photos to be added soon!